1  install
     and register

1. Install app from myrescall.com
2. Enter your informtion
3. Click "register"
4. Click "OK"

2  activation

After you register the app, you must activate it for the distress signal to work.
1. Click the "activate myRescall" or the "BUY" button.
2. You will receive an email confirming the activation.
3. From now on any distress signal will be sent to a dispatch center. Before activation the distress call will only dial 112.

3  placing a distress call

After "activation" you can place one test distress call and one real distress call. A dispatch center receives the call and coordinates the first response.

4  subscription

The app subscription period is one year.
You will receive an email and a notification to your smartphone 30 days before the subscription ends reminding you to extend the subsciption if you wish to keep the emergency call service. To extend the service, just follow the steps you did activating the service the first time.